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    Deaf Culture - does this really exist? Are there really differences between deaf and hearing people, although both are living in the same country? Definitely!

  • Module 1 - The Culture of the Deaf - a linguistic minority

    Within the Deaf community, sign language is the main aspect for identification and - as in other languages as well - consists of an own grammar, a wide range of different styles of language, i.e. from the everyday language to scientific papers to sign language poetry.

  • Module 2 - The history of the Deaf and characteristics of Sign Language

    One important feature and identifier of the Deaf culture is Sign Language. Most hearing people do not know much about this language - they even do not know that it is a proper language at all. Long time, even deaf people could not imagine themselves that they are using a proper language, with grammatical structures that are comparable with spoken languages. For a long time, sign languages were suppressed and thus the people who were using sign languages as well. Their signing seemed to hearing people often as wild gesturing, comparable with pantomimes and was even named as „monkey language“.

  • Module 3 - Differences and similarities between deaf and hearing people

    In the meantime, it has become apparent that there are indeed differences between deaf and hearing people, although they also share a common cultural, social, geographical and political space.