Deaf or hearing impaired people are under risk in daily life as they can’t be aware of several voice signs. In time of dangerous occasions like robbery, usurp or to get lost it is very difficult for them to reach a police station and to explain the difficult situation that they have experienced. 

a)    155 Sms Help Line Service for Disabled People
One of the strains for the security of the deaf or hearing impaired people is the difficulty they face in calling the emergency lines. By the help of this system you can easily reach the police station in order to report the emergency cases via sms.
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b)    Lightened Fire Alarm System
A lightened fire alarm system has been provided for deaf or hearing impaired people at the shopping malls in time for fire alert. A lightened fire alarm system has been installed to the walls of the malls and lightens in time for fire alarm.
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http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/5-Engelsiz Alisveris Donemi Basladi.pdf

c)    Hearing Impaired Emergency and Call Service
Communication is very crucial aspect in the life of a deaf individual. The system composes of a wireless emergency call and warning system helps warning the individual at times like, fire, earthquake and disasters. It consists of Call panels for multiple usage, call buttons for individual usage and a vibrant warning clock recipient system.
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http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/6-Isitme Engelli Acil Uyari Sistemi - Kablosuz Cagri Sistemleri.pdf

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