It is a necessity for hearing impaired or deaf people to communicate at banks, post offices and public institutions face to face or to be able to make a phone call. Their uninterrupted communication and handling the situation by themselves will help their independence. 

a)    Video Call Centre Services
Post offices, banks etc. are public services for every individual. It is a provision for deaf or hearing impaired people to proceed online or via video call center.  
    I. PTT Video Call Centre for deaf people 0850 222 1 788
    II. Video Call Centers for Banks
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/7-BDDK engelliler için yonetmelik taslagi - Memurlar.pdf

    III. Wireless accessible Handicapped Help Call Button
    It is a system designed for the handicapped individual at banks to provide easy service.
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/8-Kablosuz Cagri Butonlari.pdf

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