2. Communication

Communication is the basic need for human beings. Individuals seek to communicate either for personal or social necessities. They use mobile devices tablets, pcs or TV to communicate. They also communicate face to face. Necessary studies should be done to help deaf people meet their needs of communication.

b)    Video Cell Phone/Mobile Applications
A)    Video Mobile Phone.
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/13- ENGELLI VE TEKNOLOJI.pdf 

B)    Mobile Sign Language Applications
I.    Vodafone Sign Language Application
II.    Turkish Sign Language Dictionary
III.    İSEM İBB Disability Directorate
IV.    Sign Language
V.    Turkish Sign Language Alphabet (pre-school)
VI.    Turkish Sign Language Colors(pre-school)

C)    Mobile Application for Collective Bargaining for Deaf Citizens
D)    Vibrant Morse Alphabet
The application has been used in Turkey for the first time
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/14-Isitme engellilermucize cihaz videosu _ Sabah TV.pdf 

E)    Mobile Software for deaf people to teach technology.
F)    Mediator Service to contact with deaf people on mobile phone:
Text Messaging and Video Relay: Innovative Communication Options
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/15-Technology for the Deaf.pdf 

c)    Tablet application:
“MotionSavvy” is a tablet that translates sign language into written text.
d)    Sign Language Education Robot designed by İstanbul Technical University
Human like robots are used as a sign language teaching method. Human like robots are used as pathfinders to communicate with deaf children for seeking an effective communication technics.
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/16-ITU Cognitive and Social Robotics Laboratory.pdf 

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/17-Tech Tackles Sign Language -- MotionSavvy.pdf 

e)    Samsung Video Call Centre
Samsung has designed a video call center for deaf individuals.
Please see details:

http://www.ubed.org.tr/projeler/BDIE/18-Gorutulu cagri merkezi_Samsung DuyanEller.pdf

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